Vision and Direction of Stoa (Board General Session)

Meet the Stoa Board of Directors, and discuss the vision of Stoa as an organization

Club Building

An energetic course to help novice coaches build their local club. Find out how other clubs have been built, and gain insight so that you can lead with confidence!

Tech Skills in Club

Do you get frustrated with emails not read by your club? Falling behind the curve in the tech department? Let us show you how all levels of tech skills can be improved. This will be a panel discussion, ranging in novice to advanced "techies" out in forensic land!

Running a Club

Simple and direct. This is a course that give practical advice on how to run a club with little to no experience. For novice club leaders.

Conflict Resolution and Sanctification in the Club

How do we balance justice and fairness with mercy? When do we confront an erring brother or sister and when should we turn the other cheek? This session is an exposition of Micah 6, Matthew 18, and Matthew 5 that will help you encourage biblical harmony within you club.

Character Building in Club

Integrate character into your club lesson plans! Find out how other clubs encourage character first! Panel discussion.

Fundraising 101

Gain insight on how other clubs across the nation are able to fundraise for events and families within their club. FInd out how your families can compete and travel without breaking the bank!

Double Dip Schooling

Parents unite! When transcripts are due, our parents are prepared with ideas of how they taught more than just forensics. Seasoned moms and homeschooled alumni will discuss how double dipping subjects can make more efficient use of homeschooling time.

Drills, Drills, Drills, Get ready for an exciting course in drills for every club! We start our morning out with this course, because we know it is more effective than coffee to rev up your club!

Teaching Tools for Clubs and Tournaments

This is a must- see discussion for all levels of coaches. Find out how busy club leaders efficiently direct tournaments. There can be balance- let us show you how! Our leaders will introduce tools for the art of teaching clubs and leading tournaments.

Tab Nuts and Bolts

Tab essentials and how to use the tools is on the agenda. This class is designed for tournament directors, leaders and parents with questions!

StoaTrax Software

Learn about Stoa's newest Tournament tool, StoaTrax. Find out how this new software can help your tournament and your judges. Bring your laptop/iPad/tablet - NO software download necessary!

Education in Adjudication

Let our seasoned leaders discuss how to approach adjudication in the most educational and productive way possible. A heart-driven panel discussion.

One to Four Day Tournaments

Get practical tips on efficient plans and schedules for one to four day tournaments. Also known as "no fear, tournament cheer"!

Coaching Advanced Debaters

This course is for coaches that are ready to push past the basics. FInd out how to best encourage your debaters to do well in a round and as leaders for life.

Overview of LD resolutions

Learn from one of some of the top debate coaches in the nation about our latest LD resolutions. Get ideas for study, analysis and tools to equip your LD debaters efficiently.

LD Round Table

Discussion on the value of LD Value Debate. This LD discussion is for every level of coaching and is beneficial for parents too!

Going Neg in TP

This is a course that explores more advanced debate theories when going Neg in the debate round. Fantastic for TP, but also helpful for Parli debate coaches.

Overview of TP Res

Learn from one of some of the top debate coaches in the nation about our latest TP resolutions. Get ideas for study, analysis and tools to equip your TP debaters efficiently.

Stock Issues

Defense of Stock issues. It is popular among debaters and some coaches to denigrate the century-old concept of stock issues. But in this session, Mike will explain the stock issues and why they are valuable tools for team policy debaters.

TP Debate Round Table

This TP discussion is for every level of coaching and is beneficial for parents too!

How to Coach Parli

This class will cover how to overcome some of the obstacles to Parli such as coach experience, space constraints and limited club time. It will provide practical help like sample schedules and efficient use of club time, as well as include the crucial topic of keeping the right focus in Parli.

Fun and Games with Limited Prep

Innovative games to engage your moderate to advanced speakers in Mars Hill and Extemp.

How to Coach Apologetics

One of the strongest events in the nation- Apologetics. Learn how to lead and guide young believers in apologetics.

Speech Polish

Get advice and ideas from our seasoned speech coaches on how to polish speeches throughout the year.

Platform Polish

Get advice and ideas from our seasoned speech coaches on how to start speeches strong and polish them throughout the year.

Tips for Extemp

Have a huge team that is hard to manage? How about a small team that is discouraged in Extemp? Get tips from the pros on how to use tools and skills to improve your Extemp game!

Coaching Mars Hill Impromptu

The most effective skills in evangelism can be taught through this exciting event. Let us demonstrate how MHI can be coached with a heart for Christ!

Interps for All

Find out how all speakers can improve their skills with interps. Learn how to get your platform kids out of their shell, and more!

Coaching Advanced Speakers

Need to push your speakers to the next level? Have your kids plateaued in both skill and will? Get great ideas on how to motivate and encourage your advanced speakers!

Apologetics 2.0

Ready to drop anchor in Apologetics? Previously attended Academy’s How to Coach Apologetics? Join us for a deeper dive into coaching our students in this life-impacting event.

Teach Like a Pirate

Ahoy! Want to capture student interest and increase engagement? All hands on deck for inspiration and practical techniques to captain your students with passion and enthusiasm.

Speech Feedback on Ballots

Going from “Great! I really liked it.” to “I love this feedback! It really helped me!” Learn how to guide and encourage students on a ballot without taking the wind out of their sails.